Hello world!

All blogs have to have a ‘Hello World’ post. It stands to reason. So this is mine. Hello world, and welcome to my blog.

I started Jiffjaff – or Jiff Jaff, or indeed JiffJaff, on the 29th May 2012… actually, I’m lying, and I don’t want to start off doing that, do I?

I bought the domain earlier than that because I thought it sounded interesting (how sad). Then I decided, as an ‘artist,’ I’d use it to proffer up my work – both written and musical.

Then I had to get a job. See where I’m going? No? Okay.

So, there I was. I needed a job, but there aren’t any: not for people with my distinct lack of paper qualifications (though oodles and shed loads of experience). I could just about have worked at a supermarket. Yep.

Some time later my ‘advisor’ suggests I might do well being self employed.

And here I am. Or rather, here is Jiffjaff.

Jiffjaff – Digital solutions. I should have done it yonks ago….