Website, content, and ruling the universe.

Having been the New Media chap at a large London company I should know how to create a decent website. Then, there would have been many meetings involving many people; then, we’d have had a plethora of designers, supposed ‘wordsmiths’ and consultants (with invoices to match). Now ’tis mostly just me.

But then I’m not trying to get clients for websites. What is is a vehicle for information about eBook publishing. There are some truly awful eBook conversions I’ve seen from supposed masters at their craft. Jiff Jaff’s are so much better, yet how to get that across to people who visit the site and are likely to click off it within milliseconds?

I’ve just finished reading an epub novel by quite a well known independent fantasy author. The book was great, but made very difficult to read because of poor formatting. Why? You’d think she would have known better… or maybe she didn’t read the epub version? It’s sad when a novel that an author has spent months writing and editing isn’t presented in its best possible light.


Literals, variables, and brain ache

I’ve always been of the opinion that you can do what you set your mind to. Yes, it might take a little bit longer than an expert would take, but it’s doable… until I decided to write a smidge of javascript.

Now I remember why I gave up sciences in favour of the arts. Now I know why great mathematicians and programming bods are all in their teens. In fact I’m wondering if I really have a brain at all. Sheesh!

I create beautiful eBooks and print titles, daily. HTML I’m fine with… but Javascript, not so much. Blond jokes aside (besides, my hair has darkened as I’ve got older), I feel I should be shouting ‘Hea-ulp, hea-ulp!’ an fanning myself with a, umm, fan. 😉


Several hours later: Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! My smidgeon of javascript works! It works I tell you! 😀

Hello world!

All blogs have to have a ‘Hello World’ post. It stands to reason. So this is mine. Hello world, and welcome to my blog.

I started Jiffjaff – or Jiff Jaff, or indeed JiffJaff, on the 29th May 2012… actually, I’m lying, and I don’t want to start off doing that, do I?

I bought the domain earlier than that because I thought it sounded interesting (how sad). Then I decided, as an ‘artist,’ I’d use it to proffer up my work – both written and musical.

Then I had to get a job. See where I’m going? No? Okay.

So, there I was. I needed a job, but there aren’t any: not for people with my distinct lack of paper qualifications (though oodles and shed loads of experience). I could just about have worked at a supermarket. Yep.

Some time later my ‘advisor’ suggests I might do well being self employed.

And here I am. Or rather, here is Jiffjaff.

Jiffjaff – Digital solutions. I should have done it yonks ago….