Working Tax Credits

I’ve just had a chat with a very nice Geordie (from HMRC Tyneside) who patiently went through the details of applying for working tax credits. He is sending me a form.

Before today I had no real idea of what working tax credits were – and even now I’m not entirely sure. I think they bridge the gap between those who are working and earning less than the minimum amount needed to survive, and those who drive Porches. Hmm. “Give me a Porche and I’ll do without the working tax credit, mister Cameron, guv.”

“Do they start from today?” I asked.

“No. They start from when we receive the completed form. You have to write a letter to get them backdated.” My getting your idle scrounging bones back to work advisor didn’t tell me that!

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to transition from JSA (job seekers allowance) to self employment without ending up in a cardboard box. Hopeful, but not entirely convinced. This is one hurdle begun. Next I have to deal with council tax, and rent.