Website, content, and ruling the universe.

Having been the New Media chap at a large London company I should know how to create a decent website. Then, there would have been many meetings involving many people; then, we’d have had a plethora of designers, supposed ‘wordsmiths’ and consultants (with invoices to match). Now ’tis mostly just me.

But then I’m not trying to get clients for websites. What is is a vehicle for information about eBook publishing. There are some truly awful eBook conversions I’ve seen from supposed masters at their craft. Jiff Jaff’s are so much better, yet how to get that across to people who visit the site and are likely to click off it within milliseconds?

I’ve just finished reading an epub novel by quite a well known independent fantasy author. The book was great, but made very difficult to read because of poor formatting. Why? You’d think she would have known better… or maybe she didn’t read the epub version? It’s sad when a novel that an author has spent months writing and editing isn’t presented in its best possible light.

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