Analytics & AdWords

Having just signed up for Google’s Analytics – which gives you incredibly detailed statistics as to who visits your website, which pages they saw and how long they spent on those pages, etc, etc – and Google AdWords, too, I’m in need of a brief lie down.

The concept of analytics isn’t hard, but the reality is a nightmare. Google even have a GA certification you can get by taking a course.

Google provides a free online course at our Conversion University that offers comprehensive training in Google Analytics and data analysis. Passing the test gives you an industry recognized qualification.

I mean, blimey! Though a framed certificate would look nice above the bath.

AdWords is the key, though. To get customers on-line it’s pretty much the only game in town. Of course you can run an AdWords campaign and fine tune it with Analytics, should you so desire. And I do desire! It’s just getting my head around data analysis that seems rather daunting. What Jiff Jaff does is a walk in the park compared to that… or am I just being overly dramatic? 😉

2 comments on “Analytics & AdWords

  1. Mirco ESSE says:

    I suggest to see the video for use google analytics together adwords.

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